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Course Description/Objectives

The single biggest decision organization make is who you name the manager. But organisations keep getting this decision wrong, over and over again. In fact, the people picked to be managers account for the majority of variance in almost all performance-related outcomes. Yet leaders will spend a lot every year on everything but hiring the right managers. Bad managers are bad for business.

However, most managers are set up to fail by organizational leaders, they believe the best way to train a child to swim is to throw him into an ocean and let him figure out how to survive. Taking this approach to staffing managerial roles will not only lead to underperforming managers but will kill your business. The 2 Day course is designed to equip managers with what it takes to perform their functions well and to uncover managerial leaks that can sink organizational ships.

Participants will able to:


List the core skills of a highly effective leader and


Identify fatal errors managers make


Identify and explain the attributes and competencies of results-based leadership


List reasons why 85% of managers fail to build great teams.


Elucidate how to utilise the leader and teams strength to achieve organisational


List and explain the attributes and competencies of result based leaders.


Describe how to match leadership style to teams maturity.


Describe how emotional intelligence plays an important role in achieving team goals.


Evaluate the consequences of behavior and the importance of weighing decisions before action.


Itemise the process of holding teams accountable

  • Elucidate how to communicate effectively with team members from multicultural backgrounds.
  • Identify ways to adapt their communication style and methods to create understanding and engagement that will lead to business results.
  • List steps to effective conflict management.
  • Elucidate ways critical thinking skills could foster making great business decisions.
  • Identify ways to solve business problems through analyzing situations.
  • Define clear goals and build an effective plan to achieve them.
  • Discuss and evaluate how techniques of task priority, time management, and task delegation can achieve business results.

Course Content

  • Essential skills to build before you become a Manager
  • Why Managers Fail
  • How to hold Teams Accountable
  • Emotional Intelligence for Goal Achievement
  • Personal Effectiveness and Principles of Exemplary Leadership
  • Communication and Conflict Management
  • Principles of Team Building and Team Leadership
  • Enhancing Team Performance through Coaching and Development
  • Bridging the Critical Thinking Gap

Who should Attend?

Leaders and Managers.

Supervisors and Team Leaders.

Entrepreneurs and Freelancers.

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  • Date: 23rd and 24th of April, 2024
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