Time And Territory Management For Sales


The benefits of this training are many, including less stress and worry, lower expenses, a healthier pipeline, account growth, more sales, a higher income, and more time to spend with your family.

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Course Description/Objectives

Sales territory management is no longer restricted to an assigned geographic area on which sales reps work. The overall plan devised to tackle the landscape of an industry must be decided based on the factors unique to that industry. Time and territory management is best defined as “getting the most out of your sales day by planning the most efficient use of scarce resources.”

The one constant in every salesperson’s life is time. Time for
prospecting, time for sales calls, time for demonstrations, time for tours, time for closing, and unfortunately time for administrative tasks and paperwork. Of course, time is the great equalizer. Every Sales Professional has exactly 24 hours each day and there are only a handful of these hours that are available for selling. It is how you use these sales golden hours that is often the difference between success and failure.

Improving time and territory management by a small amount can easily double your effective sales time – the same impact as doubling your sales force, for a fraction of the cost. A main driver for ensuring that the time and energy of each outside sales rep is focused on the activities that will have the most impact. The benefits of effective time and territory management are many, including: less stress and worry, lower expenses, a healthier pipeline, account growth, more sales, a higher income, and more time to spend with your family.

You will learn to:


Find new ways to divide your sales territories


Optimize for long-term ROI


Implement a Time and Territory Plan which is a strategic and tactical plan for managing your territory


Spend the right amount of time selling and with the ‘right’ customers

Course Content

  • Understand Your Time and Territory Management Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Define the Relationship Between Time Management and Territory Management
  • Recognize the Challenges to Time Management Practices
  • Recognize the Obstacles to Territory Management
  • Realize the Benefits of Effective Time and Territory Management
  • Good Ideas Can Come From Anywhere
  • Processes and Mechanisms for Generating New Ideas
  • Use of Data Mining to Generate Innovative Ideas
  • Internal / External Open Bidding as a Source of Ideas
  • Feasibility Studies as a means of Screening for Viability
  • Has Innovation become a core competency?
  • The Ten Elements of the “Innovation Spectrum
  • Develop a Profile for Prospects and Current Accounts
  • Identify Which Prospecting Activities Are Best for Your Business
  • Understand How to Identify and Prioritize Account Opportunities
  • Understand the Key Steps in Your Sales Cycle and Where Your Prospects Are in the Process
  • Prepare a Sales Call Plan and Assess Your Sales Call Performance
  • Establish a Territory Strategy That Maximizes Your Results
  • Assess your Habitual Time Management Behaviors in Twelve Specific Dimensions (Attitudes, Goals, Priorities, Analyzing, Planning, Scheduling, Interruptions, Meetings, Written Communications, Delegation, Procrastination, and Team Time)
  • Develop a Personal Plan to Change your Personal Time Management Habits
  • Determine How you Spend your Time
  • Understand the Steps to Improved Time Management
  • Measure and Analyze your Daily Activities
  • Recognize Which Activities Contribute to Your Goals and Which Should Be Avoided
  • Identify Activities that can be Delegated
  • Recognize the Common Causes of Stress
  • Control and Reduce Stress Identify Concerns and Eliminate Worries

Training & Benefits

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