The Middle Manager Development Programme


Certification Edge Executive Development Academy’s The Middle Manager Development Program teaches and helps managers to develop skills and gain knowledge in order to make the transition to becoming a transformational manager less stressful.

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Course Description/Objectives

When mid-level managers are not trained, instead of driving performance, they drain performance.

Middle managers face immense challenges when they lack right skills. Team conflicts increases, problems remain unresolved, strategy execution fails, and team turnover heightens

THE MIDDLE MANAGER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME an all-inclusive course for Middle Managers

You will learn to:


Learn all the core skills of highly effective leadership as well as management


Understand what drives individual behavior and the culture of your organization


Explore team dynamics, situational leadership and how to get your staff to play to their strengths


Know how to implement strategic plans and motivate and reward excellence


Have a framework for managing change and their career development

Course Content

Moving From Management to Leadership
  • The Difference between Management and Leadership
  • Appreciating the Five Essential Leadership Approaches
  • Displaying Transformational Leadership Behaviors
  • 21st Century Leadership Requirements
  • Leadership and Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • Leadership and Organizational Political Skills
Understanding Yourself, Others & Organisational Cultures
  • Determining Your Own and Other’s
  • Personality Preferences
  • Using Personality Insights to Powerfully Influence Others
  • The Origin of Our Personal Attitudes and Resulting Behavior
  • Understanding the Nature and Types of Organizational Culture
  • Signs of a Healthy Organizational Culture
  • Maintaining a Supportive organizational Culture
Developing And Leading Your Team
  • Understanding Team Roles and Playing to Team Formation Stages and Team Dynamics
  • Displaying the Relevant Team Leadership
  • Style For Your Staff
  • Motivation Techniques for Greater
  • Commitment and Performance
  • Knowledge Workers and the Psychological Contract providing Effective Feedback and Criticism
Managing And Motivating Your Staff
  • Delegating Effectively
  • Setting Goals, SMART Objectives and Personal Outcomes
  • Running Performance Appraisals that Really Work
  • Coaching, Mentoring and On-the-Job
  • Training
  • Praising Effectively by Acknowledging and Celebrating Achievements
  • Managing Upwards and Saying ‘No’ Skillfully
Managing Change And Yourself Successfully
  • Understanding the Impact of Change on Your Staff
  • The Traditional Management of Change in Organizations
  • Managing Change More Effectively Using Insights From Neuro-science
  • Proactively Managing Your Career
  • Displaying Executive Presence, Gravitas and Confidence
  • Developing and Implementing a Personal Action Plan

Training & Benefits

See this course training methodology, organisational impact, personal impact, and criteria for attendance.

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