Personal Effectiveness & Influencing Skills

This program is designed to equip leaders and supervisors with the
requisite knowledge and skills in building effective teams from the
scratch and manage them to achieve results.

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Course Description/Objectives

Effectiveness doesn’t just happen; it is a product of skilled individuals who understand the dynamics of team building and management and the art of influencing.

A leader has to know how to influence thoughts and others to achieve a desired goal.

This program is designed to equip leaders and supervisors with the requisite knowledge and skills in building effective teams from the scratch and manage them to achieve results.

You will learn to:


Improve your communication and coaching skills


Undertake your own personal SWOT analysis and discover how to develop team management strengths


Learn how to deploy emotional intelligence skill in team management


Learn to manage different personalities and encourage mutual respect and cooperation from all team members


Manage effective team meetings and briefings and carry out delegation duties assertively


Master the process of team building


Co-create win-win outcomes in the workplace


Influence others to make more informed decisions


“Seek first to understand,” The key to building relationships


Understand how to manage diverse personality types to achieve team goals


Create and maintain an on-going action plan for continuous improvement of team performance


Become more personally effective through self-awareness analysis


Explore motivation theories and how to apply them to their team


Resolve conflict using various conflict resolution strategies


Plan, execute and influence your peers


Deliver a best-in-class presentation

Course Content

The Link between Influence and Relationships
  • Defining the Characteristics of Required to Influence Others
  • Change Curve(Where are you and those you wish to Influence and What are the blockages we face when influencing others?)
  • Different Learning Styles(The Importance of Accommodating all)
  • Understanding Different Behavioral Styles
  • Emotional Intelligence and Influence
Delivering a Best-in-Class Presentation
  • What makes Memorable Speech?
  • Presentation Top Tips
  • Introduction and Use of the INTRO Formula
  • Using Intonation for Effect
  • How to Control Nerves like a Professional
  • Creating a Personal Vocal
  • Checklist
Building Your Personal Effectiveness Toolkit
  • The Influence Model (The Critical Elements of the Influencing Model Explained and Demonstrated)
  • Listening with Intent/Asking Better Questions to Understand Truly
    The Importance of Building in Flexibility to Any Idea or Proposal
  • Influencing Decision Making at Work
  • Influencing Others to Make More Informed Decisions
Building Your Sphere of Influence
  • Understanding the Sphere of Influence
  • Creating a Personal Influence Map
  • Consideration of Influencing Tactics
  • Developing a Personal “Plan of Action” for Your Return to Work
  • Building Your Personal Resource Library
Negotiation in Practice
  • An Introduction to Negotiations (Explaining What Negotiation Is and Isn’t)
  • Negotiation Skills in Business and Life Understanding Negotiation Parameters
  • Preparing for Your Negotiations Learning How to Identify Negotiable Variables – What do I trade?
  • The Principles of the WAP (Walk AwayPoint) and Why It Is Important

Training & Benefits

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